Kreuzwiesenalm - delectable excursion destination during your summer vacation 

The best wellness therapy is NATURE itself! Imagine the pure joy, perhaps after a sunrise tour, of hearing the clang of the cowbells, drinking milk fresh from the hill farm, and perhaps sampling some "Melchermuas" or enjoying a marvelous hut breakfast!

Definitely a must during this, the most wonderful time of your entire year. Incidentally: "Melchermuas" is a really rarity, and the way we prepare it is one-of-a-kind!

For all hikers - the "Culinary Path"

  • Easy tour from the Rosenalm along the "Schmankerlweg"
    Ride up on the 8-passenger gondola lift from Zell, followed by a walk of around 40 minutes.
    Ideal for families with children and nature lovers  
  • Challenging tour across the Karspitz or Kreuzjoch (3 to 5 hours) 
  • Discovery tour through the forests, forestry path from the lift mid-station, behind the Enzianhof
  • From Gerlos or to Gerlos: magically scenic tour via mountain huts and active alpine grazing areas

Spruce Tree Castle


Guests, both children and ‘kids at heart’, can now enjoy a world of fun and adventure clambering on the climbing tower, sliding down the tower chute and ‘working’ in the crane tower. The breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains is best enjoyed from the 18 metre-high viewing tower. In addition to a vast water-play area and an adventure playground, budding little builders can carry on the work of the Spruce Sprites in the builders’ hut and crane

There are also numerous idyllic spots in which to rest, relax and unwind, making a summer holiday in the Zillertal Arena even more enjoyable!


Tour along the "Schmankerlweg: Walking time 35 - 45 min.

There are 2 possibilities:

  • either follow right from the restaurant Rosenalm the romantic forest trail 
  • or pass Simons Bergstadl - left along the gravel path, this also leads to the Schmankerlweg - ideal with the stroller or bike

For all mountain bikers

  • Panorama tour to Gerlos 
  • From Zell via the Rohrberg or Gerlosberg
  • From Stumm via Kapauns 
  • Bike transportation available on the 8-passenger gondola lift from Zell - easy tour to Zell/Stumm or Gerlos
  • E-bike recharging station

Interactive bike map

What joy!

Culinary pathway in Zillertal

Did you know that you immediately start to feel better the minute you begin to breathe in the healthy mountain air of Zillertal's alpine world?

One study showed that a vacation spent at healthful elevations between 1400 and 2,400 meters has all kinds of positive effects on your blood count, blood pressure, metabolism, weight and mental state of mind.

In the pure mountain air, the body mobilizes its own reserves and regenerates at the same time - even taking an easy mountain hike or enjoying a relaxing walk through the forest.

The panorama, the food, the views, the tranquility, the sound of cowbells, the sunshine, along with the cool breezes and fresh mountain air, sunbathing in deck chairs, the laughter and games of children out on the playground or in the forest, ...

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